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What is GST Invoice? and what details to include in GST invoice.

What is the Meaning of GST Invoice?

A GST bill is a receipt sent to a customer or other person. It particularly lists out the services/products, along with the total amount due. One can verify a GST invoice to decide said product or service prices before GST is imposed on them. A GST invoice bill also displays the amount of taxes charged on each product or service, which an individual purchases from the dealer or provider. GST bill should be prepared as specified by the Act. It is good to refer to the GST Invoice samples or GST Invoice template.

The following details are mandatory to be Included in GST Invoice –

I. GSTIN, name, and address of the supplier issuing a GST invoice.

II. Date of issuing of Bill.

III. A unique serial number not exceeding 16 digits. (bill Number)

IV. In the case of registered Customers, this bill should also include the name, GSTIN, and address of the receiving party as well.

V. A total report of all services or goods provided, complete with HSN code.

VI. Amount of discount applicable, if any.

VII. The rate at which CGST, SGST, and IGST are charged should be mentioned on this bill.

VIII. Total Invoice valuation

IX. The billing address and information, if any.

X. Shipping address and information. If any

XI. Reverse charge or forward charge.

XII. Signature of the GST invoice issuer or authorized representative.

XIII And other applicable details mentioned under section 31 or other provisions applicable.

To make GST invoices easy to generate, taxpayers can use GST invoice software and apps, there are few GST invoice software that is available online in the GST portal, and the good part is these GST invoice software are available for free. Especially for taxpayers who use E-commerce, it will be difficult to generate GST invoices on Flipkart or GST invoices on Amazon, to make it simple it is better to use software with pre-filled data.

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