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DSC not working in GST portal? Solve it with simple steps.

When you plug in your Digital signature certificate, it may not work sometimes or when you use for the first time this may happen.

Especially why we try to file in GST portal you may get an error saying

“Unable to connect to the installed EMSigner. Please close any other application running on following ports 1585, 2095, 2568, 2868, 4587 and restart your system, and try again”.

to solve this, follow a few simple steps below.

#Method 1

Install EMsigner from GST portal. Click here to install from gov portal.

After that try to use a different browser.

For example- If you are using chrome browser try to use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If that did not work try,

#Method 2

1)Open Emsigner and click stop service.

2) Again open Emsigner by right-clicking & open as administrator.

And now it will work fine.

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